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October 2, 2009

pinkyxxxPinky the pornstar, ordinarily known as PinkyXXX, is one of the most recognizable ebony pornographic entertainers in 2009.  She is noted for being a African American pornographic performer, but she is constituted of Black and Italian decent.  PinkyXXX is a Cancer, born on 6/24/82 in Oakland California.  She is currently 27 years old.
Although she is smaller in size than most women in the porn game,, measuring out at merely 4ft 11inches high, her natural dimensions, most notably her 45″curvaceous booty, builds her the envy of some adult female performers in the game.  But her most better-known earmark of identification that makes her stand out from most other actresses is her hot red crown,  which refers the moniker PinkyXXX.  The contrast between her illustrious colored head of hair, bright gold eyes, and her supple suntanned  skin, which is often exposed with tan lines from a pair of underwear produces an effect that makes her  instantly perceivable and without question peerlessto her adorers. Her Official measurings are 34b-24-42, but we have all seen the brand-new weight addition and would estimate that keister somewhere in the district of 45-50″s. Additionally, she has a 6.5 shoe foot.

PinkyXXX forayed into the porno industry in 2006 when she was at the tender age of 21. She started out by herself, looking for actors, filming, formulating, directing and dispersing her own DVDs by herself.  As with virtually all commercial endeavors, a good deal footwork was demanded initially to achieve success. Being the aspiring entrepreneur that she was, Pinky didn’t let not having a distribution network discourage her, she bust her ass and virtually sold most copy of “Pinky’s Sexual Encounters”, her first smut video from the the trunk of her vehicle. With her hallmark spunky hair she was an New York minute bulls eye with the gents and within a short time Adult industry bosses took notice and came with offers.  Within 2 years, she hastily grew into one of the most sought-after black adult entertainers and was cast in a variety of “fat booty” – centric shoots, accentuating her tooshie and her unmitigated brand of banging. She doesn’t have immense titties, they are but a B or C size, but they are more than decent as she is absolutely proportionate and symmetrical. The on-screen result is awe-inspiring. She ordinarily starts out a DVD by undulating that big fat hind end in front of the camera.  She always seems to find a dude with the most intensive dick she can find. The way she gets hammered is mind blowing. Then subsequently after the the dude orgasms she can be heard joking with that tickling laugh. It almost sounds like a jack hammer. She makes you feel like your getting a close up  perspective of a girl from your school having sex in her house.

Pinky has since gone on to do her thing in over 70+ flicks, including names such as ” Black Street Hookers 78, Big Phat Apple Bottom Bootys 8, Justin Slayer’s Bootlegs and B-Sides, Big Butt Bounce with Phat Ass Hydraulics 5, Azz and Mo Ass 6, Black Reign 9, Big Phat Black Wett Butts 7, Ghetto Booty 25, Pinkys Sex Scenes 5, Pinkys Sexyual Encounters 1, Pinkys Sexyual Encounters 2, Giant Black Greeze Butts 3, Miss Big Black Booty Magazine, Ass Everywhere, and many more.  Many of her new video recordings has PinkyXXX starring with some of the most popular porn stars such as Cherokee D Ass, Jayla Star and Lacey Duvalle.  In these recent films Pinkyxxx can be seen strapping on a massive dildo and hammering these women better than most men.  Suffice it to say,  it is highly sexual entertainment. As for male porno stars,  in an interview she once said that she liked to work with Nate Threat and Charlie Mac because they are great guys and she and both men have great energy in front of the camera.  Her favorite sexual position is doggy style because she says she likes when the tool is so long she can feel it in her tummy.   In fact, she claims the first time she had a go at it with Charlie his shaft was so bit it made her butt cheeks turn blue-green, and up until that time, that had never gone on before.

In 2008, Pinky won Best Oral awards at the Urban Spice Awards for her dick licking-tutorial DVD, Pinky’s Dick Sucking for Dumb Asses. She avers that she is open mouthed by her success and popularity because those were never her purposes. She claims she just wanted to do her best for her fans and obviously it paid off.  But aside from her mainstream success, she is not just an actress. She observes her status as a business woman and has launched has her own website and Production company named Royalty Ent.  You can find her name on box covers of dvds, on some website across the web, including the most popular, and on the rolling credits of the majority of ebony adult videos distributed by Black Market XXX Studios. Check out Pinky’s Tons of Buns, Tons of Buns 2 and Tons of Buns 3, or Pinky’s Bitches and Whips for a look at what happens when Pinky is in charge.

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